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    Year hatched : 2012

    Type of Owl:   Asian Brown Wood Owl

    Other info:     Troy is a very friendly and happy chap. Born early                                   2012 he has become one of the stars of Owl Magic

Facts about Asian Brown Wood Owls

Asian Brown Wood owl (Strix leptogrammica) is a tuftless, largish owl. Usually measuring from upper 30s cm to mid 50s cm but weighing no more than about 1kg. Wing span is around 3 to 4 feet.As the name suggest they are brown in colour, quite a light to chestnut brown with dark barring to the back and wings and a whiteish buff to light brown front with very fine barring.The head/face is multi-colured, darker brown head with light to white face and dark rings around eyes. Brown owls are relatively secretive, nocturnal owls which have many sub-species The Asian Brown being on and are widespread thoughout Asian lowland tropical forests. Over the last few years more studies has been carried out on the species complex. Some sub-secies are now recognised as seperate species all together. Alot more study is required to provide a more comprehensive data.  Although not classed as endangered as yet, continued de-forestation and suburb expansion may in time cause problems. Breeding season covers the first 3rd of the year with only 1 to 2 eggs layed in a tree hollow. Diet varies to include birds, rodents and reptiles.