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    Year hatched : 2011

    Type of Owl:   Turkmenian Eagle Owl

    Other info:   Bailey is a very large owl, that sits on the glove
                                   brilliantly although size and weight mean adults
                                   only. Can give handlers attitude in Aviary

Facts about Turkmenian Eagle Owls

The Turkmenian Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo turcomanus) is a large, member of the Eurasian Eagle Owl species. With ear tuffs as usual but a paler cream and brown colour than the European Eurasian (see Wally)  The turkmenianís range covers Kazakhstan to West Mongolia. In the wild they would populate rocky and mountainous regions as well as open forestry although occasionally found in semi desert regions. This species are large birds ranging from around 58cm to 72cm and weigh from 1.5kg up to 3.8kg approx. Bailey we believe to be female due to the size and weight

Food includes mammals from shrew to small deer and foxes as well as birds and amphibians/reptiles